Gruber Farms
Address: 353 Gruber Lane Shippenville, PA, 16254
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About Us
Gruber Farms is a producer of the highest quality pasture raised poultry. All of our chickens are raised with no hormones, antibiotics, or steroids EVER.

Gruber Farms strives to bring exceptional meats to your dinner table. Our motto is "From our field to your fork".
All of our Chickens are raised outside of a barn on natural pasture. They are not confined to small spaces, so they get plenty of exercise. They eat all of the grass, roots, and bugs their hearts desire. We make all of the feed they consume ourselves. By doing this, we are sure there is never any antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids, or other by-products in their diet. All of these factors combined, is why our meat has superior quality, flavor, texture, and smell!